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Our mission is to support organisations to open their doors and provide a warm welcome for those struggling to heat their homes this winter. 
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“Warm Welcome Spaces are a beacon of warmth and friendship”
Paula Stringer | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
Paula Stringer, CAP

Cost of living

The cost-of-living crisis is already affecting millions across the UK, with many reporting they will be unable to switch on the heating on in the coming months. We believe everyone should have a warm and welcoming Space to go to this winter, which is why our network of community organisations, churches, libraries, businesses and other faith groups across the UK have opened their doors to provide exactly that.
More about the Crisis

Warm Welcome Spaces

Warm Welcome Spaces come in all different shapes and sizes, from a homework club in a local church on a Tuesday, to over an over 65s community centre drop-in on a Wednesday and library co-working desk open all weekend. Just enter your postcode and requirements to find the right Space for you!
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Impact of Warm Welcome

The campaign has supported Warm Welcome spaces through offering branding, resources, webinars, a facebook group for coordinators to connect, regular email updates and a micro-grant scheme.

The campaign has also focused on telling the story of those who are using Warm Welcome spaces and has been featured on BBC News, BBC Radio 4, and The Guardian among other news outlets.

If you are interested in reading more about the impact evaluation undertaken in the months of January to April of 2023 please download the impact report as a PDF.
What's happening now?
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Paused for summer

We're so thankful for the 4,200 spaces that have been live on our map over the winter. Over the summer months, we're pausing Warm Welcome. Head to 'Continuing Through Summer' if you are a Warm Welcome space coordinator who would like to continue to support your community.

Our map, and the Warm Welcome campaign, will return in Autumn 2023
Continuing Through Summer

The Warm Welcome Campaign is the community response to the crisis.

We are determined to equip and support thousands of freewarm, and welcoming spaces in communities across the UK. Working with churches and other faith groups, civil society organisations, businesses and Local Authorities, we want to make sure that nobody is left to suffer on their own this winter.
Each warm welcome space will be: 


Warm Welcome spaces will be free to enter.


Warm Welcome spaces are heated and able to provide basic refreshments such as tea/coffee.


Warm Welcome spaces are inclusive, non-judgmental spaces where everyone can expect a warm welcome from staff and volunteers. 


Every organisation setting up a Warm Welcome space will abide by their usual safeguarding policies and hygiene rules. Organisations will make basic signposting information available to people who need further support and help.
Gordon Brown | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
“This crisis goes far beyond politics; this is a moral issue - our responsibilities to our neighbours and in particular to those who have the least and whose needs are the greatest.”
“At Libraries Connected we know that public libraries are determined to help people during the difficult months ahead. We’re proud to be a partner of the Warm Welcome Network, which is playing such a vital role by bringing together all the community organisations that have stepped up to offer a warm space and friendly face this winter.”
Isobel Hunter - Libraries Connected
Paula Stringer | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
Paula Stringer | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
"Millions of people struggling on low incomes are looking at this winter with dread, with families worrying about how to afford basic essentials like food and heating. Warm Welcome Hubs are a beacon of warmth and friendship, and across the UK our partner churches are opening their doors and hearts. Anyone can pop in for a cup of tea, or more, and be warmly welcomed."
Paula Stringer - CEO of Christians Against Poverty
"We know this is going to be a tough winter for many, with our youngest children most at risk. Having places for families to go that are local, warm and welcoming will make a big difference. The Warm Welcome initiative is a simple and effective way of connecting people and places so no one needs to struggle alone."
Eli Gardner - Kids Matter
Jon Knight from the /together Coalition | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
Jon Knight from the /together Coalition | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
“In the pandemic, we saw community spirit in action with the way our partners stepped up to support activities that helped bring us closer together - we need the same kind of response now. Opening up your community space, committing a few hours of volunteering to staff it and providing the 'Warm Welcome' is a small act, but with a cross-country network of these spaces we can help those who need it most maintain dignity, and live well during the winter to come. However you can help, please do, as we believe we are always stronger /together.”
Jon Knight - /together
Carl Beech | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
Carl Beech | Warm Welcome Campaign, the community response to the energy crisis.
“There’s little doubt that we are heading towards a moment of crisis this winter in the face of energy and fuel inflation. People will be facing a stark choice between food and warmth. Creating warm and super welcoming spaces full of love, life and community is going to be an absolute necessity. We’re encouraging as many community groups as possible to get involved. It will make an incredible difference to people's lives.”
“The warm welcome campaign demonstrates the innovation and willingness of churches and different community organisations across the UK to partner, and most importantly, to come alongside and serve those most in need this winter and beyond.”
"As a charity focusing on addressing loneliness and social isolation across the UK, we are acutely aware of the prospect of a combination of factors affecting the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of many people this winter. Concern about bills, heating and food are already leading to increased levels of anxiety and this – in turn – leads to increased feelings of loneliness. This is why we are partnering with Warm Welcome to provide training for volunteers in their key roles and to promote this crucial initiative.”
Jeremy Sharpe - Linking Lives
"It has got harder and harder with gas, electric and food going up. You start noticing your money is going nowhere. I'm really frightened about this winter - I'm dreading it. When winter comes everything is going up by another 40% - that will be the end of us. I think a lot of people will be freezing to death because you're choosing between food and heating."
S (Currently getting support through Christians Against Poverty Debt Help)
The Warm Welcome campaign is powered by a coalition of charities:

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