Rosalind - a Warm Welcome Visitor

“You go in there, you might be miserable and down, but you come out with a smile on your face.”

Rosalind - a Warm Welcome Visitor


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We need to help Spaces give people a Warm Welcome. With your support, we will all see thousands more smiles on faces this winter. Your donation will help us to grow the network of Warm Welcome Spaces across to UK, so no one has to face poverty or isolation alone.

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For the majority, the Cost of Living Crisis has now become the new normal.

“Half of UK families on Universal Credit ran out of food last month" (Trussell Trust)

Energy prices have reduced a little from their high point last year but the lack of Government support this coming winter will make energy bills more expensive than last winter for the most vulnerable. Citizens Advice have said that households face a winter ‘bad if not worse, than last’.

Too many people in the UK are having to choose between heating and eating. As if that isn’t bad enough, not having enough money can mean being unable to afford wifi, being unable to pay for travel and being unable to afford to socialise. It can be lonely and isolating.

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We are building a movement for a fairer and friendlier society by supporting warm and welcoming spaces in every community across the UK.

Local communities are taking action and stepping up in ways that best meet their local need and make a real difference. Warm Welcome Spaces are a place for everyone to come together. We're all Welcome.

“It’s helped me cope with the hard times. Knowing other people are going through the same and having somewhere to meet with those people that’s both safe and warm and free has been a real big help and taken worry and stress out of stressful situations. Knowing if I don’t have food there’s somewhere that I can get help from close to me is also a big relief.”

A Warm Welcome Space Guest

Warm Welcome Visitors round a table

The Warm Welcome Spaces response last winter was phenomenal.

The key lesson from our Impact Evaluation was the deep impact Spaces made - that people came for the warmth and stayed for the welcome.

We can't afford to pay for everyone's heating or wifi but we can support the power of local Spaces to offer warmth and welcome made by and for the community.

We want to make sure that there is a Warm Welcome Space within walking distance open for everyone who needs it.

With support, we will all see thousands more smiles on faces this winter. Please join us and give what you can.

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Can you help us put more smiles on faces this winter?

Support us to help Spaces give more people a Warm Welcome
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"A lot of the people who were supported by Warm Welcome spaces were vulnerable and facing challenges of different sorts, whether it's mental health issues, physical health conditions or potentially long-term unemployment, and again, layer completely unaffordable energy bills into that context for individuals and families, and the need for warm spaces just becomes even more evident. The use of the fund for spaces, some of it was about meeting increased energy costs, keeping the lights on, keeping the heating on, but actually it was also about providing a food offer."
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David Luckin

Co-Op Head of Community Funding