Turning poverty and isolation into warmth and local connection

The Warm Welcome Story

The Warm Welcome story began when former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Church leaders came together to see what could be done about the cost-of-living crisis. What happened next was quite remarkable. During the worst cost-of-living crisis in 70 years, the Warm Welcome Campaign emerged as a collective response to build a movement for a fairer and friendlier society by supporting warm and welcoming spaces in every community in the UK.

Children and all ages at a Warm Welcome Space
Handing over food

Warm Welcome, through the collective power of local communities, provided a warm and welcoming space to over half a million people across 7,000 Warm Welcome Spaces.

The Warm Welcome Campaign is delivered by Good Faith Partnership in collaboration with over 50 partners and the Warm Welcome Spaces.

“The speed at which an idea first formulated last summer has turned into a burgeoning national movement is a reflection not only of the most severe cost of living crisis in 70 years, but also of the potential that often lies latent in our communities.”

Gordon Brown Headshot

Gordon Brown

Former Prime Minister

Over 14.4 million people live in poverty in the UK and over 7 million people experience chronic loneliness

It is estimated that disconnected communities could cost the UK economy £32 billion every year

Poverty can compound isolation and loneliness and prevent people from connecting with others. The dark evenings and cold winter months can be challenging for everyone, especially those who feel lonely and isolated, and anyone who can’t afford to keep heat their homes or get enough to eat.
We can’t solve the UK poverty and disconnection crisis alone, but by working together we can turn financial worry and loneliness into warmth, positivity, and local connection.
Laying the table at a Warm Welcome Space

Our Purpose and Vision

The Warm Welcome campaign exists to turn poverty and isolation into warmth and welcome through the power of local Spaces made by and for the community. By working together, Warm Welcome will ensure everyone has somewhere warm and friendly to go, so no one is ever left to get through winter alone.
Our vision is to create a fairer and friendlier society, built by local communities, so everyone can thrive and knows where to turn to for warmth, welcome, friendship and support.
Preparing food at a Warm Welcome SpaceTwo ladies enjoying a Warm Welcome Space

The Warm Welcome Season

When the clocks go back, thousands of Warm Welcome Spaces open their doors to their local community, offering everyone a friendly space to keep warm, connect, and make new friends. There are over 7000 Warm Welcome Spaces across the UK, and we have a big ambition to grow a network of spaces in every part of the UK, so everyone can access warm and welcoming space.

Warm Welcome Spaces come in all shapes and sizes: community centres, libraries, churches, community cafes, arts centres, local businesses, and schools. No matter where they are based, you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Every Warm Space is unique and offers different kinds of support and activities.

Eating a meal at a Warm Welcome SpaceWarm welcome icon - Clock
Warm Welcome icon - Calendar

Warm Welcome is a seasonal campaign. It begins when the clocks go back at the end of October, and the cold and dark days and nights draw in. Our campaign closes when the clocks leap forward in March, signalling the start of Spring and brighter days ahead.

How we work

The Warm Welcome Campaign tackles isolation and poverty in the UK by bringing local communities together, equipping, supporting, and connecting thousands of warm and welcoming spaces to help local people thrive. We do this by:

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Supporting Spaces

Resourcing, celebrating, and connecting Warm Welcome Spaces across the country, showing how communities can work together to turn poverty, disconnection and exclusion into warmth and local connection.

Warm Welcome icon - Community

Access to all

Ensuring everyone has an open invitation to a warm and welcoming space so they can connect with others, get the support they need and feel part of their local community.

50+ Partners

The Warm Welcome campaign is led by a coalition of over 50 charitable organisations, delivered by Good Faith Partnership in collaboration with partners and the Warm Welcome Spaces.

Our First Year

In our first year, Warm Welcome, through the collective power of local spaces, provided a warm and welcoming space to over half a million people, hosting nearly 2.5 million individual visits, while being supported by over 17,000 volunteers every week.


individual visitors to Warm Welcome Spaces


visits to Warm Welcome Spaces over the Winter


visits to Warm Welcome Spaces every week

“When faced with crisis and despair, the community response to the Cost-of-Living Crisis has been nothing short of heroic.”
David Barclay - Warm Welcome Campaign Director

David Barclay

Warm Welcome Campaign Director

Our Impact

In its first year, our campaign supported Warm Welcome Spaces through offering branding, resources, webinars, a social media community for Spaces to connect, regular email updates and a micro-grant scheme. The Warm Welcome Campaign achieved high-profile overage, including across BBC News, Radio 4, The Guardian, and The Mirror. Our Impact Report shows that more than half the guests who visited the Spaces said that without the Warm Welcome Space they would have been at home with the heating off, while 60% said that visiting the Space had helped them financially.

Setting up for a Warm Welcome Space

Along with providing warmth and welcome, Warm Spaces played a significant role in tackling loneliness and isolation and improving people’s mental health and wellbeing. Our report shows that almost 40% of responders said they ‘always’ or ‘often’ felt lonely before coming to a Warm Welcome Space. The number drops significantly to just 6% after visiting a Warm Welcome Space. Warm Welcome Spaces are having a far-reaching impact on loneliness and isolation. Whilst many people came to Warm Welcome Spaces for the warmth, they came back for the welcome, the sense of belonging and the connection that they found.

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