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The Warm Welcome Campaign is the community response to the cost of living crisis.
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General FAQs

What is the Warm Welcome Campaign and who is behind it?
Our organisation already runs a similar initiative, can we still register it as a warm welcome space?
I've registered my space - what happens next?
How often does a warm welcome space have to be open for?
How long does my Warm Welcome Space need to be open for?
My organisation doesn't have a suitable building, what can I do?
I have a query about a specific Space, who should I contact?

Registration + Support FAQs

I coordinate a network of organisations, can I register them all under my email address and account?
What resources do you have available once I register?
My space is free to enter but operates on a “donation-only” or “pay as you like” basis for food and drinks. Can I still register as a Warm Welcome space?
I’m having difficulty registering my opening times, what am I doing wrong?
I’ve registered my Warm Welcome Space but it doesn't appear on the map yet, what should I do?
I can't offer a Warm Welcome space but I want to contribute something else to the campaign, how can I do that?
I have a question which isn’t answered in this section, where should I go to find out more?

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