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How can I contact you to make a donation, offer support or talk about a gift I have already made?

You can donate directly to us here. If you have any queries about past support or future gifts please do contact us.

If you would like to talk about helping us through your business or organisation or you would like to become a supporting partner yourself, please do contact Ellie

How can I receive funding for my Warm Welcome space?

The two most common sources of funding for Warm Spaces are Local Authorities and Community Foundations. So we'd recommend making contact with your Local Authority (you can use this tool to find your Councillor and approach them in the first instance) and your Community Foundation (you can use this tool to find it) to see if they might have any relevant funding pots available. Feel free to mention the Warm Welcome Campaign and flag that we have a group especially for people in Local Authorities and Community Foundations to help them work with Warm Spaces in their area - they can email info@warmwelcome.uk to find out more and join.

If your Warm Space is connected to a Church you may also want to make contact with your relevant regional/national body and see if they have any funding available for Warm Spaces.

Other options you might want to consider include the Awards for All Programme run by the National Lottery, or setting up a Crowdfunder account.

I want to speak to a member of the Warm Welcome team, how can I do this?

It depends on the nature of your enquiry, for general enquiries (eg. technical help) please email info@warmwelcome.uk. For all media and press related enquiries please email press@warmwelcome.uk. We’d love to hear from you!

How can I add another user to manage my Space?

If you would like to give another person access to manage your Space:

  1. Have the person sign up for a Warm Welcome account on www.warmwelcome.uk/login
  2. Send us a support message from your dashboard with the email address of the person you want to add
  3. We'll be in touch to let you know when they've been added
  4. They will then have your Space show up on their dashboard and will be able to change any details they want
How do I delete a Space?

Be warned, the following process will not only hide your space, but delete it entirely from our records.

Can I still sign up now that the map is live?

Yes - we welcome you to register on our website here.

How do I remove my space from the interactive map?

Please follow these steps to remove your space from the interactive map:

1. Login to your account

2. Find the space you want to remove from the map and click 'Edit Space'

3. Scroll down and click 'I agree that I will have a safeguarding policy in place before the space is open'

4. Click on 'My space is currently closed', then 'No, we're not sure when it will open'.

5. Click 'Submit'

6. Go back into Spaces / My Spaces and your spaces should now have a red 'Not published' box next to it.

How do I register my space on the volunteer map?

Please follow these steps to register your Warm Welcome space on the volunteer map.

1: Login to your account at warmwelcome.uk 

2: Click ‘Edit Space’ next to the space you want to add to the volunteers map

3: Click ‘Edit’ in the volunteer opt in section 

4: Review the guidelines, click to agree and click ‘Submit’

How do I register a new space or relaunch one from last year?

If you are struggling to register your space please have alook at our wiki's and our registration video to guide you through the process.

You can find the How to Register a New Space Wiki here, and How to Relaunch Your Space Wiki here.

Here is a video tutorial of the registration process:

How do I register more than one Warm Welcome Space?

Some organisations may want to register multiple spaces, to do this, login to your account, then go to ‘Add a New Space’ in the ‘Spaces’ tab on the left of the page. From there you can create a new space which will appear in your ‘My Spaces’ tab.

How do I sign up to the newsletter / change my contact preferences?

The simplest way to sign up to the newsletter is via the footer on our website warmwelcome.uk. Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the website and you’ll see the newsletter sign up button. Enter your details and you’ll be added to the mailing list. You can then manage your preferences by clicking on the link at the bottom of any email.

How do I change the details for my Warm Welcome Space?

To update your details, login to your account, then go to ‘My Spaces’ in the ‘Spaces’ tab on the left of the page. There will be a button called ‘Edit Space’ from there you can update any details that you need to, such as opening times.

Where can I find your logo?

Yes, that would be wonderful! We have just rebranded and have logos which are more accessible than before. Once you have registered as a Warm Welcome Space, you will get access to our branding material including social media posts, templates, banners, signage and more! Just visit the ‘Resources’ tab of your dashboard and go to ‘Branding’ to view and download our list of material.

I want to be part of the Warm Welcome Campaign and our local network of Warm Hubs, can I do both?

Yes, please do! We would love to have as many spaces signed up to the campaign so you make use of our resources and the learnings of the wider network. However, we also encourage you to engage in local networks in order to share knowledge at a local level and coordinate your response to the community.

I want to offer additional support in my Warm Welcome Space, what could I do?

We’re so thankful for your involvement in Warm Welcome through offering a safe, free, warm and welcoming space for everyone who needs it. If you want to offer other support in your space such as debt advice, access to social prescribing teams, mental health courses or citizens advice clinics, you are welcome to do so. Information from our partners who can provide guidance and resources on these things can be found in our ‘partners corner’ of the resources section.

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