Warm Welcome’s
5-Year Strategy

“Warm Welcome for All”

"Warm Welcome has brought together people up and down the country, and I salute them...if there’s a positive from the difficult times in which we find ourselves, it is that it has provided us with a common purpose, and reminded us all of what, perhaps, we had lost sight of - our obligation to look after each other.
Warm Welcome Space, Alford Church
A man at a Warm Welcome SpaceChildren and all ages at a Warm Welcome Space

Our Strategy

Inspired by the extraordinary work and impact of local spaces, our five-year strategy sets out a vision for how Warm Welcome can become a key piece of social infrastructure in the UK over the next five years, unlocking the power of community spaces all year round and creating a thriving network of hope and reconnection. Our strategy has been developed in partnership with local spaces and a coalition of regional and national organisations representing the worlds of charity, faith, business, government, and philanthropy. It is ambitious and hopeful, but no more ambitious and hopeful than the remarkable volunteers who create the real human warmth of Warm Welcome Spaces across the UK.

Warm Welcome for All

Our big ambition is to make our country full of Warm Welcomes for All.

Our research shows that although 62% of the population live within a 30-minute walk of a local space, local awareness of these spaces is low. Only 18% of people across the UK say they are aware of a space near their home. That's why we want to grow the number of Warm Welcome Spaces so everyone has a space close to home and raise awareness so everyone can easily find their local Warm Welcome Space. By working together, we can make sure 100% of the population can find a Warm Welcome Space in their neighbourhood in spaces where people of all cultures, backgrounds, faiths, and walks of life can come together in their communities.

Our Strategic Cornerstones

Create local, regional and national communities of connection

We’ll grow the number of Warm Welcome Spaces so everyone can find a place of connection and belonging close to their home. By resourcing, connecting, and championing Warm Welcome Spaces, and sharing good practice, we’ll help spaces be inclusive, accessible and welcoming to everyone. We’ll deepen our relationship with local spaces and build connections between spaces at a local level. We’ll equip spaces to raise awareness locally so everyone can easily find a local space.

Help spaces access the resources they need to thrive

We want every space to have the resources, support, and funding they need to thrive and keep their doors open all year round. We’ll crowd in the funding and support spaces to grow volunteering opportunities.

We’ll launch a new Warm Welcome Champions Programme; to deepen our understanding of spaces so we can better respond to their needs, and to help us raise awareness locally and nationally.

Tell the story of Warm Welcome for positive change

We will do this by playing an active role in advocacy and influence, supporting local spaces to develop their voice and agency. By sharing the Warm Welcome Story, we can make sure spaces are visible to everyone, and that people can see the difference they can make to their lives. We’ll step up campaigning to secure funding for spaces and policy change to improve people’s lives. We want to show that Warm Welcome Spaces are becoming the fabric of our society by reducing isolation and loneliness and increasing a sense of local belonging.

Be a sustainable, inclusive, and trusted organisation

We will invest in making sure the Warm Welcome Campaign is fully equipped to deliver our ambitious strategy. We’ll ensure that inclusion is at the heart of everything we do and deliver accessible and inclusive communications.

We want to be the best we can and ensure we are here long into the future. We will do this by investing in the workforce, structures, funding models and systems we need to deliver our vision, underpinned by our values.

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