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Warm Welcome Spaces are:

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Warm Welcome spaces are heated and able to provide basic refreshments such as tea/coffee.

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Warm Welcome spaces are inclusive, non-judgmental spaces where everyone can expect a warm welcome from staff and volunteers.

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Warm Welcome spaces will be free to enter.

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Every organisation setting up a Warm Welcome space will abide by their usual safeguarding policies and hygiene rules. Organisations will make basic signposting information available to people who need further support and help.

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Formed in the depths of the worst Cost of Living Crisis in 70 years, the campaign emerged in 2023 as a collective response to resource, champion and connect Warm Welcome Spaces in every community across the UK.

We have a growing network of more than 7,000 Warm Welcome Spaces of every shape and size; community centres, libraries, churches, community cafes, arts centres, local businesses, and schools. Every Warm Space is unique and offers different kinds of support and activities. We have a big ambition to grow a network of accessible, inclusive, and well-resourced Warm Welcome Spaces in every part of the UK.

Over 14.4 million people live in poverty in the UK and over 7 million people experience chronic loneliness.

Through the collective power of local spaces, Warm Welcome served half a million people last winter, hosting nearly 2.5 million individual visits, while being supported by over 17,000 volunteers every week.

More than 50% of those who visited Warm Welcome Spaces said that without them they would have been at home with the heating off.

Almost 40% said they ‘always’ or ‘often’ felt lonely before coming to a Warm Welcome space, the number drops to just 6% after joining a Space.

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When the clocks go back, Warm Welcome Spaces open their doors to their local communities, offering everyone a friendly space to keep warm, connect, and make new friends.

Getting Started

Have a read of our getting started guide to give you an idea of what it’s like to set up a space. Once you register your space, you can choose for it to go live on our map, so people near you can find it, and you’ll get access to loads more tools and resources to help you run a great Warm Welcome Space.

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“With a Warm Welcome Space in just about every community in the country, the network contains a unique combination of grassroots energy alongside national scale. Far from being an emblem of doom and gloom, Warm Spaces should give us hope that the seeds of progress are already there in communities across the country, just waiting to be fed and nurtured.”
David Barclay - Warm Welcome Campaign Director

David Barclay

Warm Welcome Campaign Director

Tell your story

If you have a story you want to tell about your space, please fill out our tell your story form to let our comms team know.

“Although our venue is in the heart of the community not many knew about it. On promotion as warm space, it now been recognised. People have visited the venue and have expressed an interest in getting involved in our activities.”

Survey Respondent

"Most people who joined us at the warm space were looking for a place to belong."

Reverend Sarah Moss

St. Andrews in Upper Leytonstone

“My Warm Welcome Space has enabled me to be warm and have food, which I would not have done had I remained at home”

Survey Respondent