Bringing The Big Lunch at Christmas to Warm Welcome Spaces

November 2023
Bringing Communities Together by Sharing Food at a Warm Welcome Space

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Eden Communities to encourage people to come together and share friendship, good food and some festive fun by hosting The Big Lunch at Christmas this winter!  The magic of Warm Welcome Spaces starts by sharing a cuppa or some food and sparking up a conversation.

From sharing a ‘Mince Hi’ moment, or decorating your Warm Welcome Spaces windows, to hosting The Big Lunch at Christmas - there are lots of easy and affordable ideas to help bring people together, so try one or pick a few, it’s up to you. Sharing food, fun and a warm drink can create magic in your community, who knows where it might lead.  

When’s the Big Lunch at Christmas happening?

We would love every Warm Welcome Space to get involved in the same week. Make a date for a festive get together between 11 and 17 December, at a time that works for you. And please tell us about your plans. We want to shine a light on the amazing impact of Warm Welcome Spaces in local communities, so people know that you’re there for them this winter.

Eden Communities have created some festive The Big Lunch at Christmas resources for you to use in your space, including invites, posters, a conversation menu, food flags and a template to make your own crackers!

You can download your Big Lunch at Christmas Assets and Communications Toolkit here.

How can I get involved?

It’s a lovely opportunity for volunteers to get together to create your food and share it with your guests.  If you haven’t got the space or facilities, you could do cuppas and cakes, sandwiches, or festive soup. Eden Communities have created some ‘Winter Warmer’ ideas to get you started.

The Big Lunch at Christmas
-hosting a warming festive meal to share with your guests. It’s something that volunteers and guests can get involved in. From choosing the menu, decorating your space and tables, creating the food, serving guests and washing up!

‘Mince Hi’ – bake or buy a few mince pies and share with your Warm Welcome guests. Say hi with a mince pie and give the gift of time this winter.

Advent Windows – invite your Warm Welcome guests, volunteers, and staff to decorate your windows with a winter or festive theme. Reveal one a day over the 24 days of advent or share all at once and admire it over a cuppa and some food. Whatever you decide to do, bring people together, keep connected and let’s celebrate our communities over the festive period.

Planning ahead

Here’s some tips for creating The Big Lunch at Christmas:

  • Decide on a date and time, between 11 and 17 December.
  • Get ideas for your Big Lunch – ask volunteers, staff, & guests what they would like to do.
  •  Download our special activity plans and assets
  • Invite your Warm Welcome Guests to join you.
  • Put up posters and share on social media.
  • Get excited.
  • Tell the Warm Welcome Campaign about your plans.
  • Share your stories and photos with us and tag in #WarmWelcomeSpace #TheBigLunch

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