How to hide your space on the map

March 2024

After the clocks changed on March 31, some warm spaces decided to keep their doors open every week of the year, and some are keeping a seasonal offer through the coldest time, when need is greatest. The Warm Welcome Campaign is here to support you every day of the year. Our major campaign focus will still be through the winter months, when the need for social connection and warmth is greatest. Through the spring and summer, we will continue to support warm spaces with resources and support, create moments that bring warm spaces together, and highlight the warmth and connection you bring to communities.  

What about the Map?

To help people find open local spaces for connection, we're keeping the Warm Space map live throughout the entire year.

We have created a new and user-friendly online button on your Warm Welcome dashboard, so you can hide or show your space on the public map. It's as simple as flicking a switch – you're in control.

Whether you need to temporarily close your space over the summer or relist it as the colder weather returns, the process is simple, and your space details always remain saved. The button is ready to use.

A tutorial about how to hide/unhide your space is available below:

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