Sharing hope in inner-city Nottingham

July 2024

Luke Goss volunteers at Hope Hut, a Warm Welcome Space in inner-city Nottingham.

The Hope Hut was started 10 years ago by a friend of Luke’s who noticed children playing chicken in the road near where he lives. He had a disused garage space and decided to open the space as a Hope Hut, a place where young people could gather. It’s since evolved into a space offering a range of activities: a Warm Hut in the winter, Summer Hut, Craft Hut, Dad Hut, Mum Hut and there’s even a Running Hut, a community running event that runs every Tuesday.

The space became a Warm Welcome Space last year, run by six volunteers on a tiny budget. In the next 12 months, Hope Hut plans to become a charity allowing it to access crucial funding streams.

The Hope Hut estimates it has served around 300 people over the past year and regularly has 30 to 40 people using the space for various activities.

It’s another fantastic example of a community response to a social need – a place for young and older people to visit, coming together for friendship and a range of activities.

Hope Hut has a website where there’s a lovely film about their work and you can find them on Instagram @hopehutuk.

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