Warm Welcome Hero: Saltash Wesley Methodist Church

January 2024
A Warm Welcome at Saltash Wesley Church

A Warm Welcome at Saltash Wesley

At Saltash Wesley Methodist Church, we have always prided ourselves in providing a warm welcome to visitors. Alongside the very day-to-day open door that we have, this has also taken many forms through the years including having been instrumental in the establishing of our local Foodbank, and more recently helping provide hot meals for isolated families in problems during Covid crisis.

The church is in regular contact with people experiencing the effects of the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’, from a range of social strata. Older people, especially pensioners living alone, but also couples and young families have benefitted from support, and last year in partnership with Warm Spaces we were able to offer hot meals during the week and a space to relax, get warm and recharge phones, for example. As the winter in 2023 draws in, the numbers we saw in 2022 making use of the facilities has grown, and it is clear that the need is as great, perhaps greater than ever.

A significant proportion of those helped are experiencing short-term or extended periods of homelessness. In the past two years, levels of homelessness have increased noticeably in Cornwall and across into Devon. Saltash, being right at the border between these counties has been a pinch point for people with often complex needs. Warm Spaces funding helps set a secure baseline for what can be offered and fits well with work we do alongside other charities and public bodies dealing with such issues as substance addiction and food poverty. Hence, Saltash, Wesley is most grateful for the continuation of the funding for Warm Spaces.

Revd Jonathan Budd
Superintendent Minister
Saltash Wesley Methodist Church

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