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Warm Welcome Space

The Warm Welcome Campaign wants everyone in the UK to find a place of
belonging and reconnection at a Warm Welcome Space near their home.

We have a bold ambition to enable a more deeply connected society where we all have free access to welcoming community spaces.

A Warm Welcome is waiting for everyone, just around the corner, all through the year.

Warm Welcome Spaces are:

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Warm Welcome Spaces are heated and offer refreshments such as tea/coffee. Come in and feel the warmth.

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Warm Welcome Spaces are inclusive spaces where everyone can expect a warm welcome from staff and volunteers.

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Warm Welcome Spaces are free to enter.
It's a great place to connect with your community and make new friends.

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Every Warm Welcome Space is a safe place to be. Lots of spaces can also signpost you to other local services that can support you.

You’re Welcome to Join Us

Come in and explore your local Warm Welcome Space

You can find your nearest Warm Welcome Space by searching our online map. The map enables you to search by your location and will show you all the local Warm Welcome Spaces close to where you live. You’ll find details about when the Space is open and the activities on offer.

Setting up for a Warm Welcome SpaceWarm Welcome visitors round a table

There are now over


Warm Welcome Spaces across the UK

Warm Welcome Spaces come in all shapes and sizes: community centres, libraries, churches, community cafes, arts centres, local businesses, and schools. No matter where they are based, you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Every Warm Space is unique and offers different kinds of support and activities.

Setting up for a Warm Welcome Space

Connect and make new friends

Lots of people come in for a cuppa, to have fun, try new activities or just to use the free wi-fi. Many people visiting Warm Spaces say what they love about them is the opportunity to make new friends and connect with their community.

They come in for the warmth, stay for the welcome, and leave with a smile on their face.

Warm Welcome visitors round a table

Services & Facilities

Many Warm Welcome Spaces offer activities for children, young people, and adults, like dance, arts and crafts, games, and keep fit, and some offer guests a hot drink and a meal.

It’s also an opportunity to get some help and talk about what’s on your mind. You might feel a bit down or lonely or are worried about heating and food bills. Warm Welcome Spaces can help you with practical advice and signpost you to other local support, like food banks and benefits experts.

And if you don’t have access to the internet or a computer, lots of Warm Welcome Spaces can help you get online and support you to explore the digital world if it’s new to you.

Children and all ages at a Warm Welcome Space
“It helped me cope with the hard times. Knowing other people are going through the same and having somewhere to meet with those people that’s both safe and warm and free has been a real big help and taken worry and stress out of stressful situations.”

Warm Welcome Guest

“This space has become the highlight of my week. It is a safe space to talk with others.”

Warm Welcome Guest

“You go in there, you might be miserable and down, but you come out with a smile on your face.”

Warm Welcome Guest

“It’s very good here, different people from different backgrounds and different countries. It’s very good her and makes me laugh. We need more places like this.”

Warm Welcome Guest

Tell your story

If you have a story you want to tell about your space, please fill out our tell your story form below.